The Werkshires is the loveliest place to work in the loveliest town in the Berkshires.

The Werkshires is the brainchild of Karden Rabin and his wife Gillian Gorman. Like many, they made the exodus from Brooklyn to the Berkshires 8 years ago and have never looked back. Not only have they put their roots down in the Berkshires, they have been committed to growing businesses that contribute to the wonderful county they call home.

Gillian is the Director of Yoga Great Barrington. Karden is the Founder of Boundless: Integrative Wellness Center in West Stockbridge (the first tenant of The Werkshires) and hustler at large.

Their latests venture, The Werkshires, is about creating a Berkshire-chique professional environment populated by cool, creative movers and shakers that not only want to be get sh*t done, but have fun and be social in the process.

Put simply, If you have an office at The Werkshires, it’s because you want more than just a convenient and well appointed space, it’s because you care about the people and the energy in that space.


We hope you decide to join us : )


Karden and Gillian